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“Senior ISIS Strategist and Spokesman Is Reported Killed in Syria” plus 27 more NYT


“Senior ISIS Strategist and Spokesman Is Reported Killed in Syria” plus 27 more NYT

Senior ISIS Strategist and Spokesman Is Reported Killed in Syria

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 12:57 PM PDT

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, who was behind the Islamic State's call for attacks against Western interests around the world, died in Aleppo Province, the group's news outlet said.

How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers

Posted: 22 Aug 2016 12:10 PM PDT

A jailhouse interview with a German man who joined the Islamic State reveals the workings of a unit whose lieutenants are empowered to plan attacks around the world.

How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze

Posted: 04 Apr 2016 06:06 PM PDT

Two years before the Paris and Brussels assaults, a special branch of the group was churning out smaller attacks that the authorities repeatedly discounted as isolated or random acts.

Your Evening Briefing

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 03:02 PM PDT

Here's what you need to know at the end of the day.

On Washington: Harry Reid and Koch Brothers Wage Proxy War for a Nevada Senate Seat

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 02:00 AM PDT

The battle to choose Mr. Reid's successor is pitting him against Charles G. and David H. Koch, who are trying to flip a Democratic seat and help Republicans seal control of the Senate.

Tim Kaine Presses Donald Trump on Health, Mocking a Doctor’s Letter

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 03:10 PM PDT

Hillary Clinton's running mate accused Mr. Trump of withholding critical information on a variety of fronts, including his health, his tax returns and his business ties.

The Run-Up: Podcast: Trump Ignored Black Voters. But Has Clinton Earned 91% of Their Support?

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 07:06 AM PDT

We discuss how the candidates and their parties are (or are not) courting the black vote in this election.

The 2016 Race: How Much Is Donald Trump Hurting the G.O.P.? Here’s a Way to See

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 05:00 AM PDT

He is no "generic" Republican, as survey results showed when it became clear he would secure the nomination.

Their Soil Toxic, 1,100 Indiana Residents Scramble to Find New Homes

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 09:32 AM PDT

In a situation echoing the crisis in Flint, Mich., a housing complex's poor, mostly black residents are being resettled because of high lead and arsenic levels.

Apple Owes $14.5 Billion in Back Taxes to Ireland, E.U. Says

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 02:13 PM PDT

The decision by the European commissioner for competition ramps up trans-Atlantic tensions over how much companies with global operations should pay to countries where they do business.

Feature: Edward Snowden’s Long, Strange Journey to Hollywood

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 02:00 AM PDT

Oliver Stone wanted a hit — and the chance to put America's most iconic dissident onscreen. The subject wanted veto power. The Russian lawyer wanted someone to option the novel he'd written. The American lawyer just wanted the whole insane project to go away. Somehow a film got made.

In Transit: How to Stay Safe at the Airport

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 01:58 PM PDT

Attacks on international airports and mass shootings have left passengers on edge, prompting panics at J.F.K. and L.A.X airports. Here is how to handle potentially dangerous incidents.

Well: Edible Sunscreens Are All the Rage, but No Proof They Work

Posted: 29 Aug 2016 08:08 AM PDT

In New York's Hamptons, beachgoers pass around orange sun-protector pills as if they are a party drug, but there's no evidence they work.

An Appraisal: Gene Wilder’s Understated Nuttiness

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 02:23 PM PDT

Mr. Wilder doesn't have many comedy descendants. He was too much of an original to copy.

Economic Scene: The Challenge of Cutting Coal Dependence

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 10:43 AM PDT

The resistance that Germany has faced underscores the difficulty in the international effort to reduce fossil fuels in the world's energy supply.

After Months of Anger in Hoosick Falls, Hearings on Tainted Water Begin

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 11:56 AM PDT

State lawmakers arrived Tuesday in the village, about 35 miles northeast of Albany, where the public water supply has been contaminated with high levels of a toxic chemical.

New York’s Highest Court Expands Definition of Parenthood

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 10:27 AM PDT

The State Court of Appeals ruled that a nonadoptive, nonbiological caretaker of a child could be allowed to ask for custody and visitation rights.

Israel Quietly Legalizes Pirate Outposts in the West Bank

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 02:00 AM PDT

Unauthorized settlements dot hilltops in the West Bank, and anti-settlement groups and Palestinians say retroactively legalizing them is a methodical effort to change the region's map.

Paul LePage, Besieged Maine Governor, Hints at Resignation

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 10:25 AM PDT

In a radio interview on Tuesday, Governor LePage made conciliatory remarks after a meeting Monday night with Republican lawmakers.

Suicide Bomber Attacks Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 03:22 AM PDT

Three people were wounded in the assault, which the Central Asian country's government called "a terrorist act."

Spain’s Interim Leader Bids to Form New Government

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 10:15 AM PDT

Mariano Rajoy, the caretaker prime minister, is trying to end the deadlock that has left Spain without an elected government since December.

White Lives Matter Has Been Declared a Hate Group

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 05:57 AM PDT

The group calls itself an opponent of the Black Lives Matter movement, but the Southern Poverty Law Center calls its tenets "standard white supremacist stuff."

Sinosphere: Chinese Women Head Overseas to Freeze Their Eggs

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 04:33 AM PDT

Beijing allows only married couples to undergo fertility treatments, so many single women are looking abroad to give themselves more time to have children.

Victim in New Hampshire Prep School ‘Senior Salute’ Case Speaks Out

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 09:36 AM PDT

Chessy Prout was 15 when she accused Owen Labrie of rape at St. Paul's School in Concord, N.H., but he was convicted of lesser charges. She revealed her identity on the "Today" show Tuesday.

Creepy Clown Sightings in South Carolina Cause a Frenzy

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 12:24 PM PDT

Sightings in South Carolina are spooking children and adults. How do clowns — supposedly agents of humor and good fun — cause such chaos?

Amsterdam, Revisited

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 06:57 AM PDT

Tourism and global hipsterism have transformed the city where I once lived. But not entirely — the canals endure.

Summertime: Love Undone

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 04:00 AM PDT

I was in love with my boyfriend. I went with him to an island paradise, and was excited to get to know him better. It would have been wiser to know less.

The New Old Age: The Decline of Tube Feeding for Dementia Patients

Posted: 29 Aug 2016 08:29 AM PDT

The families of patients with advanced dementia are increasingly rejecting that feeding method. For one thing, there's no evidence that it extends life.

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