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“Wife of Keith Scott, Charlotte Shooting Victim, Filmed Police Encounter” plus 33 more NYT


“Wife of Keith Scott, Charlotte Shooting Victim, Filmed Police Encounter” plus 33 more NYT

Wife of Keith Scott, Charlotte Shooting Victim, Filmed Police Encounter

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 11:20 AM PDT

The video does not include a view of the shooting itself. Nor does it answer the crucial question of whether Mr. Scott was brandishing a gun, as police have maintained.

Video of Keith L. Scott Police Encounter

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 10:00 AM PDT

Rakeyia Scott, the wife of Keith L. Scott, recorded the moments before and after the shooting of her husband by the police in Charlotte, N.C. The video includes graphic violence and disturbing language.

Fatal Shooting by Police Shakes Charlotte’s Self-Image

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 05:53 PM PDT

After decades in which it willed itself to big-city status, Charlotte, in the last decade, has had to grapple with a host of big-city problems.

Congressman Tells BBC: Charlotte Protesters ‘Hate White People’

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 09:33 PM PDT

Representative Robert Pittenger, whose district includes parts of Charlotte, said demonstrators were upset because, unlike North Carolina's white residents, they were not successful.

Your Evening Briefing

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 03:18 PM PDT

Here's what you need to know at the end of the day.

Ted Cruz Announces Support for Donald Trump

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 03:05 PM PDT

Two months after refusing to endorse Mr. Trump at the G.O.P. convention, the senator said he had decided to vote for the nominee after "searching my own conscience."

Debate Prep? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Differ on That, Too

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 02:00 AM PDT

The candidates are taking vastly different approaches to the first presidential debate, revealing what they see as their strengths and weaknesses.

The Run-Up: Trump’s Ghostwriter Explains How to Beat Him in a Debate

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 05:36 AM PDT

The author who wrote "The Art of the Deal" for Donald Trump explains what advice he's giving Hillary Clinton for Monday's debate.

College Republicans, Once ‘the Best Party on Campus,’ Endure Taunts Over Trump

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 09:32 AM PDT

Their party's nominee has attacked conservative heroes and traditions and caused dissension, doubt and widespread mockery from liberal classmates.

Donald Trump, in Pittsburgh, Pledges to Boost Both Coal and Gas

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 03:08 PM PDT

But experts said the Republican nominee's plan won't work, because natural gas fracking is the surest way to stymie coal production, and vice versa.

Keith Scott’s Killing by Police Emerges as Issue in Tight North Carolina Race

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 04:53 PM PDT

Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump seized on the shooting and protests in Charlotte, but it was unclear whether they could sway undecided voters.

Obama Vetoes 9/11 Bill, but Congressional Override Is Expected

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 02:41 PM PDT

The legislation would let the families of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks sue Saudi Arabia for any role in the plot. The president says the law threatens national security.

California Today: California Today: Should We Ban Plastic Bags?

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 04:33 AM PDT

Friday: Settling the plastic bag issue, a leaning tower in San Francisco, and the best place to raise a family in the state.

Tesla Upgrades Autopilot in Cars on the Road

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 02:25 PM PDT

Tesla is using a cellular network to send a software update to the Autopilot system on about 70,000 of its cars, aiming to improve safety.

Review: Can Tesla’s Autopilot Be Trusted? Not Always

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 02:50 PM PDT

A reporter tests the company's old self-driving software and its updated one, finding an exhilarating system that he still needed to override for self-preservation.

Travel Tips: How to Plan an Active Vacation

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 03:00 AM PDT

When planning an active vacation, find trips that match your fitness level — and consider those that offer more than one type of sport.

9 New Books We Recommend This Week

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 10:32 PM PDT

Suggested reading by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.

‘Doomsday Today in Aleppo’: Assad and Russian Forces Bombard City

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 12:31 PM PDT

Repeated airstrikes that destroyed buildings and killed about 100 people came with the threat of a ground invasion, as efforts at the United Nations to revive a truce appeared to collapse.

Obama Puts Syria at Arm’s Length as Carnage Drags On

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 05:54 PM PDT

The president scarcely mentioned the war in a farewell address to the United Nations General Assembly, typical of the approach he has taken on the world stage in recent weeks.

Amid New Airstrikes in Syria, an Aid Convoy Arrives

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 12:21 AM PDT

A procession of trucks carrying supplies for 40,000 people arrived in a Damascus suburb on Thursday, but bombing continued in the rebel-held areas of Aleppo.

$12 Million Iranian Embassy Is Empty, but the U.S. Cuts the Grass

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 11:33 AM PDT

There are 10 Iranian properties in the United States, valued at more than $50 million, that have been maintained by the State Department for almost 40 years.

The Bangladeshi Traffic Jam That Never Ends

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 05:00 AM PDT

A visit to the city of Dhaka, where there are two types of traffic: really bad and really, really bad.

Ed Temple, Track Coach Who Produced Olympians and National Titles, Dies at 89

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 01:23 PM PDT

Temple, who coached at Tennessee State University from 1950 to 1993, mentored female runners who won 23 Olympic medals and 34 national titles.

The Other 13 Women Testifying Against Cosby ... if the Court Lets Them

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 03:14 PM PDT

Bill Cosby's fate may rest on whether a judge in his sexual assault trial lets jurors hear from a group of women with details that prosecutors say echo his accuser's.

Why Bomb Suspect’s Travels Didn’t Set Off More Scrutiny

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 02:00 AM PDT

Ahmad Khan Rahami, who is charged in a two-state bombing spree, was flagged for extra screening when he returned from traveling abroad, but his travels did not raise any immediate alarm.

Twitter Is Said to Be Discussing a Possible Takeover

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 11:38 AM PDT

The social network site has been considering a possible restructuring as it wrestles with a slowdown in its growth.

Anthony Weiner Faces New Scrutiny After Report About Girl, 15

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 05:53 PM PDT

A federal subpoena seeks records pertaining to allegations that Mr. Weiner, an ex-congressman married to a Hillary Clinton aide, traded sexually explicit messages with a teenager.

What in the World: Australia Is Not as Down Under as Everyone Thinks It Is

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 02:00 AM PDT

That map of Australia you have? It's wrong. And the whole country is going to officially relocate north to correct the error.

Milan Fashion Week, Day 3: At Armani, Expect Signature Tailoring and Evening Wear ... but No Fur

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 10:11 PM PDT

Versace, Etro, Marco de Vincenzo and Sergio Rossi — yes, shoes — are on the runway on Friday.

John D. Loudermilk, Who Wrote ‘Tobacco Road’ and ‘Indian Reservation,’ Dies at 82

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 09:15 AM PDT

The country singer and songwriter wrote dozens of hits in the 1960s and '70s, performed by artists including Eddie Cochran and Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Voter Registration Deadlines, State by State

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 06:24 AM PDT

It's not too late. Here's a handy list, from red to blue and everything in between.

Terry Jones of Monty Python Has Dementia, His Family Says

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 10:00 AM PDT

The actor, 74, is best known for his roles in the British comedy troupe and as a director or writer of works like "Life of Brian" and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Review: Kesha, Dodging the Past, but Still Relying on It

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 02:46 PM PDT

Onstage in Brooklyn, the singer tested whether the singer or the song is the object of fans' affections.

Modern Love: When a Couch Is More Than a Couch

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 02:00 AM PDT

For a young mother with terminal cancer, questions about her own mortality merge with decisions about upholstery and cushion width.

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