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ABC News: “'It's Over for Obamacare,' Trump Says of Big Hike in Premiums” plus 24 more


ABC News: “'It's Over for Obamacare,' Trump Says of Big Hike in Premiums” plus 24 more

'It's Over for Obamacare,' Trump Says of Big Hike in Premiums

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 06:50 PM PDT

Trump jumped on news that premiums under Obamacare will rise sharply.

Obama Administration Confirms Double-Digit Premium Hikes

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 05:39 PM PDT

Premiums will go up sharply next year for health insurance sold to millions.

Obama Reads Trump's 'Mean Tweet' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 09:24 PM PDT

Obama quoted Trump's tweet calling him the "worst president" in US history.

5 Deaths at California Care Home May Be Murder-Suicide

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 09:57 PM PDT

Five men found dead after a fire gutted a Southern California adult-care facility may have been victims of a murder-suicide

Turkish Media: Explosion in Mediterranean Resort of Antalya

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 11:44 PM PDT

An explosion in the parking lot of the local chamber of trade in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya on Tuesday has caused several injuries, Turkish media reports said

Trump on Accuser: 'I'm Sure She's Never Been Grabbed Before'

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 05:18 PM PDT

The GOP candidate spoke in a radio interview about one of his female accusers.

Elizabeth Warren Fires Back at Trump: 'Nasty Women Vote'

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 04:49 PM PDT

Warren was campaigning with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton Closes Gap With Male Voters

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 03:05 PM PDT

The most recent ABC News poll indicates a major swing for a key Trump group.

Calif. Tour Bus May Not Have Braked Before Crash: Officials

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 02:44 PM PDT

Officials say it's too early to say what caused the accident.

NAACP: Noose Put Around Neck of Black Student in MS

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 11:02 PM PDT

Mississippi's NAACP president is demanding a federal hate crime investigation.

What Clinton Wants in a Supreme Court Justice

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 01:25 PM PDT

Clinton has not named names of who she'd nominate to SCOTUS if she's elected.

Only One Pickup Truck's Headlights Rated as 'Good' in New Study

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 09:24 PM PDT

The study looked at the headlights of 11 pickup truck models.

4 Killed on River Rapids Ride at Australian Theme Park

Posted: 25 Oct 2016 12:00 AM PDT

Four people have been killed in an accident at a popular theme park on Australia's east coast

WATCH: Warren Joins Clinton in New Hampshire Battleground

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 11:03 PM PDT

ABCNews' "The Final Sprint" features Cecilia Vega and Seni Tienabeso on Oct. 24, 2016, with 15 days till Election Day.

WATCH: Trump Claims to Be Winning, Despite Falling Poll Numbers

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 04:52 PM PDT

The GOP presidential nominee told supporters that they're "winning" despite his campaign manager's admission that they are behind in polls.

WATCH: Obamacare Premiums Rising Sharply Next Year

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 04:23 PM PDT

The average Obamacare premium will see an increase of 25%.

WATCH: On the Front Lines of the Battle for Mosul

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 04:48 PM PDT

ABC News' Martha Raddatz reports from an American military outpost, east of Mosul, on how the battle is playing out.

WATCH: Outrage Over Soldiers Forced to Repay Bonuses

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 04:41 PM PDT

Thousands of National Guard soldiers are being forced to pay back bonuses they received for re-enlist during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

WATCH: Inside the Numbers: Where the Latest Polls Put Clinton & Trump 15 Days Out

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 03:15 PM PDT

ABC News' Katherine Faulders and Ryan Struyk break down the latest polling data in the race for the White House.

WATCH: Trump and Clinton Tactics Compared to Medieval Joust

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 09:57 AM PDT

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exchange blows in the public arena, two knights of different genders squared off in a unique matchup at the Saint Louis Renaissance Festival.

WATCH: Playing Football May Affect White Matter in Brain, New Study Finds

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 03:40 PM PDT

Football players who did not suffer concussions may still be at risk of brain damage.

At-Large Murder Suspect May Attempt to Spread a Communicable Disease

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 05:47 PM PDT

Police say the man streamed his escape on Facebook Live.

Police Dash Cam Captures High Speed Chase, Shootout During Ride-Along

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 11:00 AM PDT

Madera, California, police had a young woman civilian ride-along when they got into a high speed chase pursuit and shootout, all caught on the cruiser's dashcam.

54 Percent of Trump Voters Casting Ballots Against Clinton

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 03:54 PM PDT

Fewer than half of Trump supporters are "enthusiastic" in latest ABC poll.

Trump Says 'We Are Winning' and 'Somewhat Behind' in Polls

Posted: 24 Oct 2016 04:48 PM PDT

Kellyanne Conway says "we are behind" and Clinton has "tremendous advantages."

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