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ABC News: “State Dept. Drops More Clinton Emails Days From Election” plus 24 more


ABC News: “State Dept. Drops More Clinton Emails Days From Election” plus 24 more

State Dept. Drops More Clinton Emails Days From Election

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 05:43 PM PDT

State Dept fulfilled a court order and released over 1200 pages of email.

Despite Trump's Claims, Evidence From FBI's Clinton Foundation Probe 'Not Impressive,' Sources Say

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 02:31 PM PDT

Trump's statements are false and ill-informed, sources told ABC News.

Clinton Campaign Manager: 'I Don't Know' What FBI Director Is Doing

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 01:09 PM PDT

Robby Mook expressed confusion over recent FBI developments.

Blast Hits Mainly Kurdish City in Turkey; at Least 6 Wounded

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 11:09 PM PDT

A large explosion has hit Diyarbakir, the largest city in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast region, wounding at least 6 people

Dakota Pipeline Activist Shot With Rubber Bullet During On-Camera Interview

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 09:53 PM PDT

An activist covering the protest gets shot while conducting an interview.

Paris Climate Agreement Becomes International Law

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 09:03 PM PDT

The Paris Agreement to combat climate change becomes international law _ a landmark that the United Nations says signals the beginning of a new chapter for humankind and demonstrates that countries are serious about addressing global warming

Pennsylvania Wal-Mart Employee Shot Inside Store

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 10:36 PM PDT

An employee at a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart has been shot multiple times inside the store and a suspect is in custody

Why Previously Proposed Route for Dakota Access Pipeline Was Rejected

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 09:40 PM PDT

Critics allege "environmental racism" over re-route of Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Final 15: Latest Polls in the Swing States

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 04:00 PM PDT

These states total 184 electoral votes, enough to swing the election either way.

Harvard Suspends Men's Soccer Team Over Sexual Comments

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 08:55 PM PDT

Harvard University is suspending its men's soccer team for the rest of the season over sexual comments made about members of the women's soccer team

Jurors in Hot Car Death Case Look Inside SUV Firsthand

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 03:16 PM PDT

A human memory expert says a Georgia man charged with murder after his toddler son died in the back of a hot SUV could have forgotten the child was in the vehicle

What to Know About ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 03:27 PM PDT

As U.S.-backed Iraqi and Kurdish forces near Mosul, his location is in question.

Timeline of the Wells Fargo Accounts Scandal

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 01:15 PM PDT

A look at key events.

WATCH: Kaine Gives Historic Stump Speech in Spanish

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 05:18 PM PDT

The Democratic VP nominee said Trump was a danger to Latinos.

WATCH: Melania Trump on Campaign Trail: Donald 'Knows How to Make Real Change'

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 04:07 PM PDT

In her first solo campaign event of the 2016 presidential campaign, Melania Trump made a personal appeal for her husband's candidacy, making the case that "Make America Great Again" is much more than a slogan.

WATCH: How This Part-Time Actress Played a Role in Chandra Levy Murder Case

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 12:34 PM PDT

Babs Proller spoke to ABC News "20/20" about conversations she said she had with federal prosecutors' star witness, Armando Morales.

WATCH: Oklahoma Officer Pulls Over Truck Only to Find the Passenger Having a Heart Attack

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 05:41 PM PDT

Officer Jordan Jones performs CPR on a woman having a heart attack while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

WATCH: The Lean (and Tilt) of the Millennium Tower in San Francisco

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 03:39 PM PDT

A resident uses a marble to illustrate the building's tilt as the city announces it plans to sue the developer.

WATCH: Clinton Notes Women Couldn't Vote the Last Time the Chicago Cubs Won the World Series

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 05:43 PM PDT

Clinton attracts her largest crowd this entire campaign in Arizona speaking to Latino voters.

WATCH: Cleveland Indians Fan Meets Long-Lost Half-Sister, a Chicago Cubs Fan, For 1st Time at World Series

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 01:43 PM PDT

Despite rooting for rival teams, the two discovered they had many similarities with each other.

WATCH: America 101: Why Red for Republicans and Blue for Democrats?

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 07:52 AM PDT

Red and blue are closely associated with the top two parties in the United States but it's only been that way for a little more than a decade. George Stephanopoulos discusses where the colors came from.

National Review Editor on Conservatism: Trump Shook It and It Fell Down

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 06:16 PM PDT

"Conservatism had not updated itself to deal with the new realities."

Mike Pence Won't Say Whether Ryan Should Be House Speaker

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 02:49 PM PDT

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence refuses to say whether Paul Ryan should be re-elected speaker of the House, withholding support for a close friend and ally in the heated final days of the campaign

Donald Trump Blasts 'Phony' Polls ... Unless He's Up

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 09:40 PM PDT

Trump has a love-hate relationship with the polls.

Chicago Cubs Welcomed Home as World Series Champions

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 06:50 AM PDT

A sea of ecstatic fans lined the streets and surrounded the stadium.

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