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“State of the Art: Silicon Valley Reels After Trump’s Election” plus 12 more NYT > Technology


“State of the Art: Silicon Valley Reels After Trump’s Election” plus 12 more NYT > Technology

State of the Art: Silicon Valley Reels After Trump’s Election

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 01:17 PM PST

For some, there was a realization that the tech industry's relationship with government — and the public — is likely to shift in a fundamental way.

The Data Said Clinton Would Win. Why You Shouldn’t Have Believed It.

Posted: 10 Nov 2016 12:00 AM PST

Predictive analytics, and election forecasting in particular, remains a young science. Experts say some of the models could be off 15 to 20 percent.

Peter Thiel’s Bet on Donald Trump Pays Off

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 04:44 PM PST

Mr. Thiel was the only prominent person in the tech industry to support Donald J. Trump, and doubled down on the candidate when things seemed bleakest.

Dublin Appeals $14.3 Billion Tax Charge Against Apple

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 01:55 PM PST

The Irish government says European antitrust officials were wrong to force the iPhone maker to give up what they consider unfair concessions.

Streaming: Why Netflix Lets Movie Lovers Down, and What to Do About It

Posted: 10 Nov 2016 07:00 AM PST

Sure, there's choice via streaming. But, really, how much?

Parallels Between Europe’s Antitrust Cases Against Google and Microsoft

Posted: 10 Nov 2016 06:01 AM PST

In charges brought recently against Google and earlier against Microsoft, officials say that each company favored some of its services over those of rivals.

Alibaba, Amid Intense Hype, Confronts a Slowdown on Singles Day

Posted: 10 Nov 2016 05:05 AM PST

The company turned an obscure holiday into a big shopping event and a symbol of China's economic rise, but it is under pressure from weak sales growth and a U.S. inquiry.

Yahoo Employees Knew in 2014 About State-Sponsored Hacker Attack

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 06:42 PM PST

Yahoo first publicly disclosed the security breach on Sept. 22 this year, about two months after it struck a $4.8 billion deal with Verizon.

Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer to Step Down

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 02:01 PM PST

The departure of Adam Bain and reshuffling of his duties and aides are part of a significant shake-up under Jack Dorsey, who became C.E.O. last year.

App Smart: Easing Thanksgiving Pressure on Hosts, Cooks and Guests

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 11:25 AM PST

Apps to help keep preparations on track, keep guests happy and even keep the children from causing chaos as you try to cook the perfect turkey.

The Spy Who Loved Me: The Slippery Slope of Digital Surveillance

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 09:48 AM PST

Using smartphones to track family members can be reassuring, but it can open the door to a surveillance state in the home.

Tech Tip: Finding a Non-Mac Alternative to Microsoft

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 08:37 AM PST

If Windows 10 annoys you and you don't want to switch to a Mac, consider Linux or even a Chromebook instead.

Bits: Daily Report: The Tech Companies That Won on Election Day

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 08:33 AM PST

Despite some hiccups, real-time voter turnout data landed VoteCastr on people's radar screens, and Twitter proved its centrality in big news events.

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