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“U.S. Faces a Startling New Political Reality After Donald Trump’s Victory” plus 28 more NYT


“U.S. Faces a Startling New Political Reality After Donald Trump’s Victory” plus 28 more NYT

U.S. Faces a Startling New Political Reality After Donald Trump’s Victory

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 01:17 PM PST

As the American political establishment was reeling, Hillary Clinton and President Obama called for unity and Mr. Trump turned to assembling his White House team.

Highlights of Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech and President Obama’s Remarks

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 10:03 AM PST

Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech on Wednesday hours after an early-morning conversation in which Mrs. Clinton conceded the presidential race to Donald J. Trump.

News Analysis: Vote Highlighted a Gender Gap, With Both Sides Feeling They’ve Lost Ground

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 10:43 AM PST

This election showed how much we still talk past one another when we talk about gender, revealing a divide in how men and women perceive one another's lives.

What the Trump Presidency Means for the Supreme Court

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 09:52 AM PST

The court will again tilt right, as it has for decades. And with the court's two senior liberal members fairly old, that might only be the start.

Donald Trump Is Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of the Establishment

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 11:40 PM PST

His surprise victory ended an erratic and grievance-filled campaign that took direct aim at his own party and long-held ideals of American democracy.

Watch: ‘I Still Believe in America, and I Always Will’

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 09:24 AM PST

Hillary Clinton spoke in New York after she conceded the presidential contest to Donald J. Trump early Wednesday.

Watch: ‘We’re Actually All on One Team’

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 10:07 AM PST

President Obama spoke Wednesday about the outcome of the election and the need for a peaceful transition.

Across the World, Shock and Uncertainty at Trump’s Victory

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 02:56 PM PST

After a stunning upset in the American presidential election, nations braced for the possibility of an upending of the global order.

News Analysis: Donald Trump’s Victory Promises to Upend the International Order

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 11:53 PM PST

For the first time since World War II, Americans choose a president who pledged to reverse the internationalism practiced by both parties.

Mediator: A ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ Lesson for the Digital Age

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 11:06 PM PST

For not the first time this year, those analyzing this election missed what was happening all around them — and it was the story of a lifetime.

Man in the News: Donald Trump Rode to Power in the Role of the Common Man

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 01:41 PM PST

Often met with scoffing disdain by wealthy elites and mainstream civic leaders, Mr. Trump delivered perhaps the greatest shock to the American political system in modern times.

Asia Pacific Edition: Donald Trump, Russia, Rodrigo Duterte: Your Thursday Briefing

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 01:06 PM PST

Here's what you need to know to start your day.

Donald Trump, Republican Party, Marijuana: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 03:29 PM PST

Here's what you need to know at the end of the day.

California Today: California Today: With Trump’s Rise, a Return to the ‘Rebel State’

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 05:17 AM PST

Wednesday: Disbelief over the election of Donald J. Trump, Kamala Harris is sent to the U.S. Senate, and voters choose to legalize recreational pot.

Californians Legalize Marijuana in Vote That Could Echo Nationally

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 09:24 PM PST

Voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada legalized recreational use in what advocates said was a major step toward changing the country's attitude toward the drug.

Why Did Beijing Slap Down Hong Kong Separatists? To Make a Point.

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 03:39 AM PST

There were other less draconian ways to resolve Hong Kong's oath-taking impasse. But President Xi Jinping takes a hard line on challenges to sovereignty.

Sinosphere: How a Word, ‘Chee-na,’ Renewed a Crisis Between Beijing and Hong Kong

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 04:07 AM PST

With its echoes of Japan's wartime occupation, an alternative term for China has emerged as a fresh irritant in relations between the semiautonomous city and the mainland.

Beijing’s Intervention in Hong Kong Election Could Face a Hurdle: Local Courts

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 12:16 PM PST

The decision to effectively amend the territory's Basic Law will have to be implemented by judges who are trained to protect civil liberties, not the Communist system.

Narendra Modi Bans India’s Largest Currency Bills in Bid to Cut Corruption

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 04:48 PM PST

People flocked to A.T.M.s after the prime minister announced the crackdown, and experts predicted the prices of real estate and luxury items would fall.

Breathe. Exhale. Repeat: The Benefits of Controlled Breathing

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 03:16 AM PST

Controlled breathing, an ancient practice, can reduce stress and soothe your body.

How to break up with a friend

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 12:25 PM PDT

Take responsibility for ending the friendship rather than blaming the other person.

Postelection Therapy: View Swing States From Space

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 01:42 PM PST

A new book filled with stunning images from high above Earth evokes the quietude of space, a place far from any political frustrations.

‘Loving’ Aims to Speak Softly to History

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 02:12 PM PST

Jeff Nichols discusses his film, which tells the story of Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple whose marriage in 1958 resulted in arrest.

Crime Scene: Dear Mom and Dad: Sorry About the Car Break-In. Wish You Were Here.

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 06:16 PM PST

When Bill White's S.U.V. was stolen on Nov. 2, it contained gifts, memorabilia and something more precious: two urns containing the cremated remains of his parents.

The Public Editor: Want to Know What America’s Thinking? Try Asking

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 11:51 AM PST

As Times editors reflect on how they (and so many others) called the election so wrong, they should look at how well they cover ordinary Americans.

One Killed and at Least 2 Wounded in Shooting Near California Polling Places

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 08:09 PM PST

The gunman was found dead in a home in Azusa, Calif.

6 Books to Help Understand Trump’s Win

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 11:29 AM PST

Our critics and reviewers on books that analyze the shifts that drove one of the most stunning political upsets in the nation's history.

Modern Love: The Modern Love Podcast: Ruth Negga Reads ‘My Touchstone and a Heart of Gold’

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 01:29 PM PST

The star of "Loving" reads the story of a woman who judges men by how they treat her pet tortoise.

The Rolling Stones Paint It Blue on Their New Album

Posted: 09 Nov 2016 01:29 PM PST

Half a century on, playing vintage blues is an act of preservation and reclamation for the band.

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