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ABC News: “Trump Adopting Same Behavior He Criticized Clinton For” plus 19 more


ABC News: “Trump Adopting Same Behavior He Criticized Clinton For” plus 19 more

Trump Adopting Same Behavior He Criticized Clinton For

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 04:30 PM PST

Donald Trump spent the past two years lambasting rival Hillary Clinton as crooked, corrupt, and weak

Israel: Humbled Netanyahu Places Hopes in Trump

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 01:52 PM PST

Israeli furious reaction to the Security Council's adoption of a resolution opposing Jewish settlements in occupied territory underscores its bitter dispute with the international community about the future of the West Bank and east Jerusalem

Cuban President Raul Castro Faces Deep Problems in 2017

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 09:18 PM PST

2017 could be President Raul Castro's toughest year in office since he took power in 2006

Christmas Day Blizzard, Ice Storms Slam Northern Plains

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 09:26 PM PST

It's been a white _ but slick and messy _ Christmas for the northern Plains and some Western states

Japan, US to Sign Pact to Limit US Base Worker Immunity

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 10:32 PM PST

Japan and the U.S. have agreed in principle on details of the scope of American military base workers given immunity from Japanese prosecution under a bilateral pact, following a murder case on Japan's southern island involving a Marine-turned-contractor

Officials Identify 4 People Fatally Shot in Eastern NC Home

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 05:24 PM PST

Authorities in North Carolina have identified the four people fatally shot in a home about 50 miles east of Raleigh

GOP Agenda: Unions, Lawsuits, Abortion, School Choice

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 04:51 AM PST

Republican majorities in 33 state legislatures and control of the same number of governor's offices will allow the GOP to enact policies it has sought for years

2 Killed, 4 Wounded in Suburban NYC Nightclub Shooting

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 03:48 PM PST

Police have arrested a man they say opened fire on a packed suburban New York City nightclub, killing two people and wounding four others

Failed Deal to Undo LGBT Law Marks Rocky Start for Governor

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 11:59 AM PST

North Carolina's next Democratic governor isn't yet sworn in and several of his powers have been stripped away by the Republican-controlled legislature and a deal he helped broker to repeal the state law limiting LGBT protections fell apart

Christmas Typhoon Kills 4, Destroys Homes in Philippines

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 10:35 PM PST

A powerful typhoon that spoiled Christmas Day in parts of the Philippines, leaving at least four people dead and destroying homes, has roared over a congested region near Manila with slightly weaker but still-strong winds

George Washington Re-Enactors Cross Delaware River

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 01:55 PM PST

George Washington is set for his annual Christmas Day trip across the Delaware River

WATCH: Does Faith Help Bring the Nation Together?

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 06:51 AM PST

Three religious leaders discuss the role of religion during the holidays.

WATCH: Trump Inauguration Celebration is Coming up Short on Talent

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 05:43 PM PST

Many top entertainers are opting out of performing during the festivities next month.

WATCH: Meet the 9-Year-Old Coat Drive Prodigy

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 01:11 PM PST

Max Frost organized the donation of hundreds of winter coats in the Burlington Warm Coats & Warm Hearts drive.

WATCH: The Best Films to See During the Holidays

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 06:51 PM PST

ABC News' Chris Connelly previews the best films to see with you family.

WATCH: Take a Sweet Behind the Scenes Tour of Dylan's Candy Bar

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 06:51 AM PST

The store's founder treats you to a 'Willy Wonka" style tour of the Manhattan candy store.

Singer George Michael Has Died at 53

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 06:01 PM PST

The ex-Wham singer turned soloist died "peacefully at home."

Stars React to George Michael's Death

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 06:18 PM PST

The former Wham! singer was 53.

Choir Tragedy: A Look at Russian Ensemble Wiped out by Crash

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 04:02 PM PST

The Russian military choir that lost most of its singers in a plane crash Sunday is often described as the Kremlin's "singing weapon."

President Obama Speaks to Troops in Hawaii on Christmas

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 09:21 PM PST

In his last Christmas as Commander-in-Chief, President Obama paid tribute as he

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