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ABC News: “Trump: I'll Dissolve Foundation to Avoid 'Appearance' of Conflict” plus 21 more


ABC News: “Trump: I'll Dissolve Foundation to Avoid 'Appearance' of Conflict” plus 21 more

Trump: I'll Dissolve Foundation to Avoid 'Appearance' of Conflict

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 03:38 PM PST

With an investigation ongoing, the dissolution may not be that straightforward.

Trumps Attend Church Services on Christmas Eve

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 10:36 PM PST

Earlier in the evening the couple had dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

Obama in Hawaii: Dad-Daughters Day With Sasha, Malia

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 11:19 PM PST

Follow the highlights of the first family's Hawaiian vacation.

Russian Passenger Jet With 92 Aboard Crashes Into Black Sea

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 11:40 PM PST

Russia's Defense Ministry says at least one body and personal documents have been found in the Black Sea after a Russian passenger plane crashed shortly after taking off from Sochi

Queen's Granddaughter Zara Tindall Suffers Miscarriage

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 06:49 AM PST

Officials say Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Zara Tindall has suffered a miscarriage

Thousands of Faithful Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 07:52 PM PST

Thousands of pilgrims and tourists from around the world together with locals hold Christmas Eve celebrations in Jesus' traditional birthplace of Bethlehem, raising spirits after a tense year that saw a spike in violence between Palestinians and Israelis

Germans Must Leave Home as WWII Bomb Is Defused

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 10:07 AM PST

More than 54,000 people in the southern German city of Augsburg must leave their homes Christmas morning while authorities defuse a giant 1.8-ton aerial bomb from World War II

Super Typhoon Heads for Christmas Day Blow to Philippines

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 06:12 PM PST

A powerful typhoon was heading for a Christmas Day collision with the central Philippines

Turkey Arrests 1,656 Social Media Users Since Summer

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 06:57 AM PST

Turkey's Interior Ministry said Saturday authorities had formally arrested 1,656 people in the past six months for allegedly supporting terrorist organizations or insulting officials on social media - and are investigating at least 10,000 others

Singapore Teen Critic in US Reportedly Wants Asylum

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 10:08 AM PST

U.S. immigration officials say a teenage blogger from Singapore who supporters say is seeking asylum is in custody after being detained last week at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

Israel Accuses Obama of Anti-Israeli 'Shameful Move' at UN

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 09:09 AM PST

An Israeli official is accusing President Barack Obama of a "shameful move against Israel at the U.N."

WATCH: Trump Administration Suggests Shift in US Policy After a UN Security Council Vote

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 05:43 PM PST

Tensions Are High Between the Incoming and Outgoing Presidential Administrations over Israel.

WATCH: Two Boston Explorers Search Decades Old Plane Crash Site

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 05:51 PM PST

The mysterious crash in Bolivia remained unsolved because the site was inaccessible.

WATCH: Dangerous Weather Conditions Threaten Holiday Travelers

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 05:44 PM PST

More than 70 million Americans will be affected by storms across the country.

WATCH: Carrie Fisher Remains in Intensive Care at a Hospital in California

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 05:31 PM PST

The "Star Wars" actress suffered a heart attack aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles.

WATCH: Holiday Season By the Numbers

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 01:39 PM PST

Nine in 10 Americans say they celebrate Christmas and 32% see it as more of a cultural holiday than a religious one. Learn fun facts about the holiday season.

WATCH: Hollywood Insider Discusses Carrie Fisher's Place in Film History

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 11:40 AM PST

Matthew Belloni from "The Hollywood Reporter" touches on the actress's health and career.

'Star Wars' Co-Stars, Other Celebs React to Carrie Fisher's Hospitalization

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 08:43 AM PST

From Harrison Ford to Mark Hamill, stars took to Twitter.

Obama: Hanukkah 'Has Inspired an American Tradition of Religious Freedom'

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 09:05 PM PST

The president hosted more than 1,000 people during 2 Hanukkah receptions.

In Israel, an Oily Hanukkah Treat Outlasts a Health Campaign

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 01:10 AM PST

Israelis find health minister's advice on dumping their beloved Hanukkah doughnuts tough to follow

Republicans to Target Unions, Expand School Choice in States

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 11:44 AM PST

As President-elect Donald Trump leads an attempted makeover in Washington, Republican governors and lawmakers will simultaneously push an aggressive agenda in the states

GOP on Taxes: Cut Rates, Brackets but What About the Deficit

Posted: 24 Dec 2016 02:15 PM PST

Republicans in Congress are planning a massive overhaul of the nation's tax system that would affect every family and business in America _ for good or ill

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