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ABC News: “How Donald Trump May Violate the Constitution the Second He's Sworn In” plus 23 more


ABC News: “How Donald Trump May Violate the Constitution the Second He's Sworn In” plus 23 more

How Donald Trump May Violate the Constitution the Second He's Sworn In

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 07:56 PM PST

It all comes down to the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Trump Plan to Donate Hotel Profits Doesn't Erase Ethics Concerns: Experts

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 09:13 AM PST

It's part of the president-elect's plan to detach from some businesses.

Kerry Visits Vietnam on Last Trip as US Secretary of State

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 11:11 PM PST

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Vietnamese leaders Friday during his last trip as the top diplomat for the United States

Corruption at US Border Agency Led to Lie Detectors

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 10:44 PM PST

Breakneck growth at U.S. Customs and Border Protection brought unintended consequences that serve as a cautionary tale to President-elect Donald Trump and others who want more agents

Trump Team Discussing Ivanka Trump Proposal on Capitol Hill

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 07:21 PM PST

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is discussing how to proceed with childcare tax legislation touted by Ivanka Trump on the campaign trail with the House Ways and Means Committee, a House GOP aide confirmed Thursday. Policy staff for the tax-writing committee and members of the Trump transition team discussed a proposal in Trump's childcare plan that would allow parents to deduct some childcare expenses from their income taxes. News of the conversation was first reported by Politico. Trump first unveiled his childcare proposals in Pennsylvania in September, which his daughter helped put together along with female Republican members of Congress. The president-elect's eldest daughter, along with her husband, Jared Kushner, are expected to play a role in Trump's administration. The couple is moving to Washington, and Kushner was named a White House senior adviser earlier this week. Ivanka Trump announced Wednesday on Facebook that she is taking a leave of absence...

Capitol Hill Buzz: Russian News Site Interrupts C-SPAN

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 06:22 PM PST

Web surfers expecting to tune into C-SPAN's online feed of House floor activity Thursday afternoon instead saw images supplied by the Russian news site RT, which briefly interrupted programming on the network's website

Obama Administration Ending 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot' Policy for Cubans

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 11:41 PM PST

The move ended a policy that gave Cubans special status.

CIA Pick Vows No Return of US Torture Program

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 01:37 PM PST

Pompeo testified at his confirmation hearing today.

Winter Storm to Bring Crippling Ice, Rainfall to Central US

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 06:42 PM PST

A winter storm that brought heavy snow and rainfall to northern California is bearing down on the southern Plains

Japanese PM Becomes 1st National Leader to Visit Philippine President

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 03:31 PM PST

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe aims to keep the Philippines from growing closer to China and to salvage its relationship with the United States, analysts said.

Dead Whale Washes Ashore at End of LaGuardia Runway

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 11:13 PM PST

The New York City airport is figuring out how to remove the mammal.

Louisiana Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening DC Pizzeria

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 05:00 PM PST

A Louisiana man has admitted to calling in a threat to a Washington, D.C., pizzeria three days after a shooting at a nearby pizza place targeted by an online conspiracy theory

WATCH: FBI Under Justice Department Investigation

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 09:17 PM PST

America's top law enforcement agency is under investigation for actions leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

WATCH: Ex-Spy Behind Trump-Russia Allegations Identified

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 07:38 PM PST

The former British spy at the center of the Trump allegations has been identified by the BBC as 52-year-old Christopher Steele.

WATCH: Obama-Biden Bromance Reduces VP to Tears

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 04:57 PM PST

Joe Biden was moved to tears when the president surprised him with the Medal of Freedom.

WATCH: Justice Department and Baltimore Reach Consent Decree on Reforming City's Police Department

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 09:35 AM PST

After months of negotiation, the U.S. Department of Justice and the city of Baltimore have reached an agreement on a consent decree that mandates reforms of the city's police department, federal and city officials announced today.

WATCH: Inmate Crew Pushes Cars Stuck in Snow

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 07:15 AM PST

Inmate work crew in Cedar Hills, Oregon, helps out cars stuck in the snow by digging them out and giving them a push.

WATCH: VP Biden Surprised With Presidential Medal of Freedom

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 03:36 PM PST

Biden was overcome with emotion.

Biden: Intel Officials 'Obliged' to Brief Obama on Trump Claims

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 05:01 PM PST

"The president and I didn’t say, by the way, run this down," he said.

Trump's CIA Pick: 'Pretty Clear' Russia Was Behind Election Hacks

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 05:05 PM PST

Rep. Mike Pompeo offers a stark assessment of threats against the U.S.

WATCH: Bodies of 6 Children, Including 9-Month-Old, Recovered at Baltimore House Fire

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 08:24 PM PST

Mother and her nine children were thought to be inside when their home went up in flames.

Bacteria Yield Clues for Woman's Dramatic Cause of Death 800 Years Ago

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 02:33 PM PST

The likely cause of death turned out to be more dramatic than first thought.

Franken: 'You Can't Rely on Anything' Trump Says on Russia

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 04:38 PM PST

"It's really hard to trust anything that Donald Trump says," Franken said.

Trump at Odds With Intel Chief on Substance of Discussion About Russia Report

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 05:04 PM PST

DNI James Clapper called the president-elect Wednesday night.

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