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“House Republicans, Under Fire, Back Down on Gutting Ethics Office” plus 36 more NYT


“House Republicans, Under Fire, Back Down on Gutting Ethics Office” plus 36 more NYT

House Republicans, Under Fire, Back Down on Gutting Ethics Office

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 12:04 PM PST

Lawmakers, facing a storm of bipartisan criticism, including from the president-elect, dropped plans to weaken the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Paul Ryan Wins Re-election as House Speaker

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 10:56 AM PST

The vote was a formality for Mr. Ryan, affirming his role as the steward of conservative policy making in the age of President-elect Donald J. Trump.

The Republican Ethics Vote: What Happened?

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 07:59 AM PST

A surprise vote attempted to kill an investigative office, but House Republicans reversed course after criticism from President-elect Trump and others.

Congress Returns. Republicans Are in Charge. 6 Things to Watch.

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 02:00 AM PST

While there were many promises made, and battle lines drawn, on the campaign trail, several factors will stand out when Congress convenes on Tuesday.

Civil Rights Activists Stage Sit-In at Office of Senator Sessions

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 02:17 PM PST

They demanded that he refuse Donald J. Trump's nomination as attorney general. Senator Sessions ordered them pizza.

Transition Briefing: Trump and Senate Move Quickly to Repeal Affordable Care Act

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 01:27 PM PST

President-elect Donald J. Trump took to Twitter to denounce President Obama's signature domestic achievement, as Senate Republicans disclosed legislation to dismantle it.

Cuomo Proposes Free Tuition at New York State Colleges for Eligible Students

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 04:52 AM PST

The governor unveiled a plan to offer free tuition at some colleges, including two-year community colleges, to those students whose families earn $125,000 or less annually.

Republican Party, Megyn Kelly: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 02:49 PM PST

Here's what you need to know at the end of the day.

Asia and Australia Edition: Istanbul, Donald Trump, Syria: Your Morning Briefing

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 03:17 PM PST

Here's what you need to know to start your day.

California Today: California Today: A New Mayor Takes On Homelessness

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 05:52 AM PST

Tuesday: A push to house the homeless in Sacramento, U.S.C. rallies past Penn State, and a culprit remains on the loose after the Hollywood sign prank.

Ford, Criticized by Trump, Cancels Plans to Build Mexican Plant

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 09:46 AM PST

The company said on Tuesday that it would instead invest $700 million to increase production in Michigan.

In Graft Inquiry, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Worst Enemy May Be Himself

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 03:03 PM PST

Allies and enemies alike say that a criminal investigation into charges that the prime minister had accepted gifts was more serious than past scandals.

The Sound of the Rangers Gets a Tuneup

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 01:45 AM PST

From five stories above the Madison Square Garden arena floor, Ray Castoldi provides the soundtrack for the Knicks and Rangers. Watch him play his new organ during a recent Rangers vs. Devils game.

The Rangers and the Knicks Get a New Sound for the Winter Seasons

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 12:20 PM PST

Ray Castoldi began playing the organ for games at Madison Square Garden in 1989, and the sound has never been better.

Feature: One Man’s Quest to Change the Way We Die

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 02:00 AM PST

How B.J. Miller, a doctor and triple amputee, used his own experience to pioneer a new model of palliative care at a small, quirky hospice in San Francisco.

New To Streaming: The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix, Hulu and More in January

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 09:40 AM PST

Here are the new streaming titles we think are the most interesting, broken down by service.

Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox News for NBC

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 09:27 AM PST

Ms. Kelly was wooed by an offer for her own daytime program, an in-depth Sunday night news show and a regular part in the network's event coverage.

Pharrell Williams, Making Noise for ‘Hidden Figures’ Everywhere

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 03:00 AM PST

This in-demand star has been deeply involved with the film, a story of representation that he cares about profoundly.

Raids of Illegal Immigrants Bring Harsh Memories, and Strong Fears

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 03:25 PM PST

Under George W. Bush, hundreds of raids at home and work netted undocumented immigrants. Now President-elect Donald J. Trump has vowed to deport millions of such immigrants.

Coal Fire, Not Just Iceberg, Doomed the Titanic, a Journalist Claims

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 11:44 AM PST

A documentary posits that the demise of the ship may have been accelerated by a giant blaze in its hull that appeared to have started as long as three weeks before it set off.

India’s Call-Center Talents Put to a Criminal Use: Swindling Americans

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 12:00 PM PST

The availability of computer-savvy, young, English-speaking job seekers and efficient technology have contributed to the growth in cyberfraud against Americans.

Search for Istanbul Club Gunman

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 02:44 PM PST

Turkish officials have released few details about the gunman who killed 39 people at a crowded nightclub on New Year's Day.

Park Geun-hye, South Korean President, Is a No-Show at Impeachment Trial

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 02:51 AM PST

Lawyers for Ms. Park said she was unlikely to attend any of the proceedings at the Constitutional Court, which will decide whether she is removed from office.

Myanmar Holds Officers After Video Purports to Show Police Beating Rohingya

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 03:11 AM PST

The recording, which appears to depict unarmed members of the Rohingya minority being beaten in Rakhine State, adds to pressure on the government.

Customs Outage Frustrates Fliers at Airports Across U.S.

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 11:19 PM PST

Travelers vented online Monday night after a four-hour failure in a Customs and Border Protection processing system caused long lines and delays.

Dylann Roof, Charleston Church Killer, Is Deemed Competent for Sentencing

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 04:10 PM PST

The penalty phase of Mr. Roof's federal trial will begin on Wednesday. He could be sentenced to death for killing nine black churchgoers last year.

Storms Kill 4, Damage Buildings Across Southern States

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 08:57 PM PST

A powerful storm system that moved across the South on Monday killed four people in Alabama and left a trail of damage over several states, officials said.

Germany’s Latest Best Seller? A Critical Version of ‘Mein Kampf’

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 08:02 AM PST

Historians say their annotated edition of Hitler's manifesto has provoked a necessary discussion and sold 85,000 copies one year since publication

Brent Musburger’s Praise of Joe Mixon, Who Punched Woman in ’14, Stirs Outrage

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 07:12 AM PST

The broadcaster took heat on social media for comments about the Oklahoma running back, and he addressed the criticism later in the Sugar Bowl broadcast.

John Berger, Provocative Art Critic, Dies at 90

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 03:33 PM PST

The British essayist, novelist and screenwriter's book and TV series "Ways of Seeing" declared war on traditional ways of thinking about art.

Sinosphere: Time-Lapse Video Shows Beijing Swamped by a Tide of Smog

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 11:33 PM PST

The pollution in Beijing has been particularly bad recently, and the city has been enveloped in smog for extended periods starting in October.

India’s Top Court Bars Campaigns Based on Identity Politics

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 01:23 PM PST

The ruling, which restricts appeals to voters by religion, caste, community or language, is meant to ensure that elections are secular.

Itineraries: Airlines, Now More Proactive on Weather, Allow Fliers to Shift Own Travel Plans

Posted: 02 Jan 2017 11:22 AM PST

More airlines are anticipating weather delays and allowing customers to change their itineraries on the companies' websites and from their smartphone apps.

On the Runway: What to Watch for in Fashion in 2017

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 07:18 AM PST

From new looks in Washington and Paris to Serena Williams's wedding, it's going to be a year to remember.

Fiction: No Shrinking Violets: A Short Story Collection From Roxane Gay

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 02:00 AM PST

Troubled, troublesome narrators star in "Difficult Women," a collection of stories by Roxane Gay.

Eat: On Your Way to Your New Year’s Self

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 02:00 AM PST

Steak tartare and pommes Anna are an elegant twist on cheeseburger and fries.

The Neediest Cases: For a Mother With Big Dreams, Two Forbidden Words: ‘I Can’t’

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 08:00 AM PST

Alicia Rivera, 35, who hopes to open a dance studio, juggles obligations at work, college and home while setting high expectations for her four children.

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